3STEPs during Festival for Inclusive Education

Nov 11, 2022 | News

On 10 November 2022 special 3STEPs event was organized in Palermo as a part of Festival for Inclusive Education.  Gathering migrant youth, professionals from migration field, educators and teachers, the event provided space and time to discuss about inclusive education and 3STEPs methodologies.

We organized a workshop to talk about:

  • Which local networks contribute to maximizing the effectiveness of educational inclusion strategies for migrant youth?
  • What are the current obstacles in the cooperation between different bodies to ensure quality education for migrants?
  • How can we overcome or address some crucial barriers (e.g. legislative measures or bureaucratic shortcomings, lack of resources to implement 3STEPs) so as to ensure improvement of the educational offer?

Even was concluded with a performance on inclusion implemented by a multi-cultural Capoeira group. We built stronger network of like-minded people supporting life autonomy of young migrants and refugees and working towards inclusive education.