Multiplier events held in Greece to share hands-on training experiences about young migrants’ inclusion

Jan 3, 2023 | News

“Think outside the box.” This was the main message of the 3STEPs Project Multiplier Events organised by the Greek partner, Symplexis in November in Athens. Inclusion professionals, trainers, educators and educational decision makers were invited to get informed about the project aims, methodology and results and took part in workshops on how to provide direct and practical learning experiences to young refugees and migrants for their better inclusion in society and the labour market.

After the presentation of the main methodology and the best practices guiding the project, workshops were organised on how to use the three new curricula developed for trainers, mentors and young migrants/ refugees in all learning settings: formal, non-formal and informal education. During the workshops the current educational trends and challenges were also discussed, based on personal and professional experiences of the attendees, leading the discussion towards important conclusions and recommendations.

As no official regulations, recommendations or strategies on inclusion exist in the Greek mainstream education system (inclusiveness refers only to SEN students in official documents), there is an urgent need for changing the narrative on inclusiveness and the incorporation of methodologies and curricula that are developed on needs analysis and are tested across Europe. The new and positive role of “role models” with diverse cultural backgrounds has to be taken into consideration, when planning and implementing supportive programs for migrant/refugee youngsters.

Hands-on educational experiences that foster competences related to work and everyday life are motivational, much needed and liked by young students. Field visits and sport events are great opportunities for social integration and learning to become independent in life.

Although basic Maths, writing and reading are part of the official curriculum in obligatory education in Greece, the empowerment of students in these areas is crucial for closing the gap between newcomer migrants/ refugees and their local peers.

You can find the 3Steps Project Curricula in English and the partnership’s national languages here: