3 STEPS Network

Jun 6, 2022 | News

The goal of 3STEPs Network is to provide channels through which the necessity of social inclusion of migrants and refugees in terms of education and vocational training increases its visibility and strength in the five countries of implementation (Spain, Turkey, Italy, Greece and France) across different entities, among those Universities, private organisations, social businesses on education, schools that are pursuing an agenda of inclusion and are committed to promote successful methodologies for inclusion.

The expected result is to obtain a well-established network of schools, public authorities, NGOs and volunteer organisations, important influencers and decision makers as well as transnational institutions able to call for policy reform.

We believe that joining the 3 STEPS network means having a communicative, trustworthy and empowered relationship with all the people interested in the project, and which we want to maintain until the end of its existence.

How to join?

If you are a stakeholder in the field of migration, working at local, national or European level in one of the 5 implementing countries (Spain, Turkey, Italy, Greece and France) to foster inclusion of young disadvantaged refugees and migrants, join the network!

It is easy, you just need to contact the 3 STEPS partners through our website and we will reach out to you: https://3steps.eu/contacts/