3STEPs trainings in Turkey for inclusion of young migrants

May 20, 2022 | News

Mozaik has finalised national practices of the 3Steps project. The process was started with Trainers Training and Mentor Training that were implemented with participants who were looking for opportunities to get new skills to train young migrants. During the piloting process, emphasis was placed on practical information related to the requirements of educational and social inclusion of young migrants. Participation in the piloting process had a unique opportunity to learn about the practical side of implementing 3STEPS project methodology. These trainings provided an interesting and comprehensive introduction to supporting young migrants with low skills and improved the recognition and the validation of trainers and mentors’ experiences and competences in a way that it could also be valued for supporting inclusion of young migrants.

As the next step in the piloting processes, 3Steps Youth Training was implemented to include young migrants who were interested in learning more about how important basic education, social inclusion and vocational orientation is essential for young migrants’ daily and professional life. Moreover, participants were also responsible for completing a series of assignments and tasks with the aim of increasing their life skills. 

Mozaik has collected many positive feedback from the participants and conducted successful piloting processes, and we will continue to keep the 3Steps methodology visible at local, regional, national and international levels through our future practices.