3STEPS as a laboratory of permanent, active and inclusive citizenship

May 31, 2022 | News

School is the main place for learning and an inclusive classroom is the space where all students can enjoy the right to education and respect for the right to non-discrimination.

It is a place where anyone even with special needs can be included and where teachers support all students in meeting their individual needs.

Inclusive education is being an educating community. Inclusive is an environment where the uniqueness of each individual is enhanced so as to give everyone equal opportunities for personal and professional growth in a fair system that is able to take care of all and to go beyond its own cultural lens.

During April and May 2022 together with trained teachers and mentors and as a part of 3STEPS – Fostering Education and Inclusion of disadvantages refugee and migrant learners project we conducted a series of activities with the boys and girls coming from different countries aiming to support them in their growth and in the acquisition of basic skills that are needed in all phases of personal and professional life.

With such a diverse group of boys and girls we practiced literacy, mathematics and activities to enhance digital skills, activities that provide information on the labour market and assist to assess their vocational chances, the activities that develop cultural sensitivity for better relationship and encourage social participation by young migrants in this process.

We have confirmed that first it is the school that must be at the center of a social pact in which public and private institutions, the third sector, teachers, students, professionals, families work together to make education is a laboratory of permanent, active and inclusive citizenship.

3STEPS project, co-funded by Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, aims to implement 2 good practices: ‘Basic Education Classes’ and ‘Tandem Now’ to be introduced to partners countries’ educational systems and provide classes on literacy, numeracy, language and digital skills for young migrants and refugees.