National Reports

on the current situation in partners countries on inclusive education, but also the challenges posed to 3STEPS methodology, as well as parallel programs of similar kind to consider space for cooperation/inspiration;

Handbook for teachers and mentors

which includes recommendations on how to address the beneficiary group, providing creative and innovative ideas for teaching methods;

Youth Training Curriculum

which ensures vocational orientation and blended learning carried out for migrant and refugees by mentors of the same cultural background;

Policy Brief

on standard of social inclusion for migrants and refugees, as well as recommendation on 3STEPS methodologies to encourage teaching, training institutions and European countries to develop them within their countries.


Newsletter 1

Migrants and refugees belong to the most disadvantaged groups within the educational systems of the European Union, the 3STEPS project intends to increase their chances by providing them basic skills as well as a stable grounding for further personal achievements. For more information read our newsletter!